“The future comes by itself, progress does not.” This was clear to Poul Henningsen when he proposed the future of the lighting industry. The story began with this conident young man approaching the established lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen. After proposing his modern lighting vision, he and Poulsen started a life-long partnership from which the PH lamp was created. Premiering in the Forum in Copenhagen, it went on to the Exhibition of Decorative Art in Paris in 1925, winning a gold medal and accolades throughout theindustry. This epoch-making design truly required innovative thinking and manufacturing practice but despite his success, he was not satisied. One evening in the winter of 1925-26, Henningsen shaded his eyes from streetlamp glare and suddenly noted that by making shades with a logarithmic curve the light would be glare-free. His vision was realized with matte inish in the beautiful but afordable PH Lamp. It has become a standard item in oices, respectable homes and in many public spaces worldwide.


Word of mouth from our many friends and satisied clients is perhaps the best source of new projects for Van Collection. We are especially pleased when invited to apply our expertise to private homes. In Shanghai's historic Jing An district, VC was requested to turn a 187-square meter shell into a dream home. The fashionable client worked with the designers to envision her ideal space and decor. The homeowner adores classical style, but she didn't want her bright rooms dominated by the heavy and dark features dominating traditional design. The answer was to select modern furniture with a slight classical lair. An ocean-colored AJ lamp captures the viewer upon entry and becomes a pivotal design element that casts blue as the theme to tint the walls and lend a peaceful lightness to the space. The style is further deined by accents including Verpan’s Fun and Pantop lamps, Vitra chairs, Horm tables and Moooi chairs. The client was mostpleased with the stately experience of leisurely afternoon teas relaxing upon purple Ro Chairs.

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