Founded in 2010, Van Collection is one of China’s earliest practitioners promoting modern minimalist style. Guided by the company slogan of “Design, Quality, Artworks”, Van Collection has carried many well-established modern furniture brands from all over the world.

    From our long-term observation and thinking over people, objects and nature, we noticed that people are always desired for a balance in both work and life. Here, love works its magic to stop us from losing ourselves in modern life. “A good love, live by heart” has defined our philosophy of promoting simple and noble life through our extraordinary taste and profession as well as creating eternal value for our customers. With our carefully-selected design works, we dedicate ourselves in increasing users’ pleasure by improving their working and living environments. 

    Design: space and atmosphere in any places, including home, office, hotel or any commercial spaces, are deeply related to human activities. Our selection of products will ease your life and comfort your fully-geared tension with their graceful and humane features.

    Quality: we cherish all blessing from nature. Therefore, we strictly control the quality of every delivery and always promote the harmonious between nature and human beings.

    Artworks: Although every single product is certainly elegant, our mission from museums and other furniture vendors. , We seek to explore the inherent beauty and function of our products in order to highlight your life.

    Fortunately, our philosophy is echoed by many international modern minimalist design brands, which form our TRENDS series. We also create our Chinese-style elements entitled JOY based on our understanding of troditional Chinese culture.

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